Tuesday, June 3, 2008

things i could have gotten for free on craigslist today:

1. upright piano for my living room, which also serves as a much needed storage unit.

2. doghouse with modern graffiti-style tag on the roof.

3. they tell me this is a swimming pool. i measured my living room, and i can fit a 12' diameter pool in there. people think i am joking about getting a pool, but i am not.

4. second piano, for my bedroom.

5. jacuzzi, with a cover! this will go in my bedroom.

6. the boat i've been needing for weekend trips
out of the city.


Kyra said...

whoa really?? why didnt you get them all? i dream of pianos boats and pools in my bedroom...

melissa said...

maybe i should keep one of the pianos on my boat? how nice that would be!

Anonymous said...

dick cheese.

melissa said...